How do I put music onto my cell? (Kyocera Slider Remix KX5)?

Question asked by tipsu21
I just bought a Kyocera Slider Remix KX5. I want to put music onto the music player but when I look in the handbook and stuff, all it talks about is how to play the music and not how to put it on the phone. When you go onto the music player on the phone it says "No music present in card or phone." The phone didn't even come with a USB cord. Only the phone, booklet and cord to connect to an electrical outlet. I'm so confused, please help me.

Answered by testike
You buy a memory card for the phone - take it into your carrier's office and ask what size to buy. Then you load your music onto the card from your computer (either by putting the card in your computer, or buying a card-reader *runs about ten bucks*) then insert the card into the phone.

It will need to be in .mp3 format in order to be played!

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