Sidekick 3 or kyocera slider remix kx5?

Question asked by tipsu21
Two months ago I got a Kyocera slider remix kx5 but now I want a Sidekick 3, should I change phones? Is the Sidekick 3 worth it? Or should I just wait until a new sidekick phone comes out and just enjoy the slider?

Answered by testike
Well, it just depends. I'm not sure what plan you are, but if you are with US Cellular, you CANNOT use a Sidekick 3 on your plan. I think at this point, you should wait for the next Sidekick. Unless, you are willing to be going in to a new contract. I think that the Sidekick is well worth it. I LOVE mine, but I just think that it would be a bad idea for you to use that much money for a phone after you recently got a new phone.

It's really your choice - stick with the phone you have, or spend a WHOLE lot of money on a new phone and plan.

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