Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 <<---- Neeed answers if you have this phone for ALLTEL !!!!?

Question asked by tipsu21
I wanted to know if I should get this phone the Kyocera Slider Remix KX5? and does this phone have MP3 ???? Can i put music from my computer into the phone without paying extra ... NEED INFO !!!


Answered by testike
As far as buying the phone. That idea is completly up to you. It is a good phone overall. It has bluetooth, MP3, and basically the works. As far as paying extra for music, you will have to fork over about $30.00 extra for a cable that connects to your computer. Also, you will need to ask them about a card to go into your phone. For added storage. The phone itself can hold about 5 songs. With the added storage it quickly gets a boost to about 500 songs.

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