how can I get whioch softwaere it gives me charge with continue network by Mobile ? my mobile is LG B2050, how

Question asked by tipsu21
I want to get continue on when my internet by Mobile wil be on with good battery charge by pc my mobile is LG B2050 I connect by usb connection, but when battery low my internet connection will not be continue, please how can I my mobile will be continue through usb charge. please fast answer me on my email..

Answered by testike
I don't know if your LG is the same but we have a Motorola mobile, one of the razors but I don't remember exactly which one, and it also connects to the PC via USB cable.

At first I couldn't figure out why it wasn't recharging. The USB connection has ample power for the task but although the connection was made, it would not rechardge untill I installed the Motorola driver. Now it recharges just fine when connected.

Maybe your LG needs the drivers installed for the phone also..? I never would have believed it had I not run into exactly the same problem with the Motorola mobile phone here. Hope it helps....

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