is it worth to buy LG C2500 mobile?

Question asked by tipsu21
how is the perfomance of the mobile

its loudspeaker auality

mp3 quality, compatibility and FM?

plz reply me as soon as possible


Answered by testike
Sorry my man but in one word that phone sucks. Trust me i sell cellphones for a living. It does not have beuetooth and its got a fairly crappy camer on it. Also LG sucks as a brand. If you are looking for a good phone try the Nokia 8801 , the Samsung D900 or the Sony Ericsson W800 i walkmen. Those phone are kinda high and a lil expensiv but the all have 1.3 megapixel or higher cameras, excillent sounding mp3 players, bluetooth , SD memory card slots and looks you could kill for. If you are looking to go a little cheaper try the Sony Ericsson W300 wallkmen, the Motorola V3i, the Motorola L7 or the Smasung X680. Also go to this is a database of all hot phones out there. The have a great compare feature whis is definately worth a look at. You will also find links there to buy them also. Hope this helps. :-)

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