I have a LG C2500 mobile phone. The memory is 64 MB. How do I increase the internal memory?

Question asked by tipsu21
I hope you guys out there can help me. Any special codes or...?It have a MP3 Player and I only can put around 10 songs only. I want to put more but the memory is too low. I wish around 512 MB but LG C2500 have not external memory, so is there another way to increase the memory. Thanks.

Answered by testike
Sorry, but there's no way of increasing the internal memory of the Lg C2500. You can't expand the memory to 512MB by any codes or any other method.

I also had an LG C2500. The internal memory of about 60 MB is shared between all applications on the phone. So, if you delte a few photos/pictures or even messages , you might be able to ssqueeze one more song. I had managed to fit 12 songs on the mobile.

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