LG CE500 LG500 cell phone or Motorla W375 KRZR?

Question asked by tipsu21
I am 15 years old, and i have bad luck with cell phones. I had a pretty nice Samsung cync? i think it was from cingular, then I lost it. Now i am using my old phone which is about 3 years old. I want to buy a new one off ebay. I tend to drop my cell phone, so i need a sturdy phone. I was wondering what people thought of the MOTOROLA W375 KRZR, and how breakable it is and what y ou think of it in general. I like the motorola pebble, but it is more money then the W375 krzr, is the pebble better? it looks less breakable. LG CE500 LG500 phone is also one that i am concidering, it looks more sturdy, but i want to know what people think of it that have it. If you have any sugestions, please say them. Also I don't want a silder phone, because i had one before, and the screen broke. I just want a flip camera phone, with some other features like music, and it should be kinda small and thin.

any information is good =)

Answered by testike
The motorola w375 (krzr model) looks very stylish. My bro has one. It's a very good phone. Great reception and features. The camera actually takes good pictures for a cell phone camera. Also, the fm radio feature is VERY rare on most cell phones, so that is a great feature that I love. The battery life is great too. The pebble and lg ce500, i personally think they're not as good b/c they lack the features of the motorola w375 and cost more. So, get the motorola w375!

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