How to Input Unlock Code for Cingular LG CU320?

Question asked by tipsu21
I buyed a unlock code for a trust seller who sold me 2 corerct cingular unlock code before. This time, he can only give me the unlock code without instruction how to input the code in. He said that he doesn't know also.

I've got some intsructions like this on google but it doesn't works

. Insert the non-Cingular sim card.

2. Power on the Handset.

3. In Idle screen, input the special code “277634#*#”.

4. Access the submenu “SIM Test” in Phone Test Mode.

5. Input the special code “2945#*#”.

6. Access the submenu “SIM Unlock” which is just activated after the special code

7. Input the 8-digit Unlock code in the “Enter unlock code” input screen.

8. It will be unlocked.


Step Action
1 Insert non-Cingular SIM card
2 Power on the handset (phone will display "Invalid SmartChip")
3 In Idle screen, enter 159753#*# (phone will display "Enter NCK,
Remaining 5")
4 Enter the 8 digit SIM Unlock code
5 Select "OK"

Answered by testike
Call LG and ask them for help. This one phone has been a pig in a poke for everyone, and almost nobody has gotten the unlock procedure to work. Even Cingular doesnt know how to unlock it.

LG 24/7 phone support: 1-800-793 8896

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