LG CU320 question?

Question asked by tipsu21
Okay, the LG CU320 is what they call a "video phone". When they say this does this mean that if i call a friend with that same kind of phone they can visually see me through their cell phone?


Answered by testike
The term video phone refers to the phone's streaming video capabilities and a video player. With the launch of Cingular's new Cingular Video, the LG CU320 emerged to be one of the handsets compatible with this technology. This is one of the first UMTS capable phones. UMTS is the next step in GSM giving wireless customers 2 to 3 times faster data transmission than EDGE. With faster data speeds comes better video quality. PCMAG.com rated Cingular's Video quality sharper than Sprint's and Verizon's. Although LG isn't the most trusted brand in Wireless, this device sounds like a winner.

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