testike posted 120 months ago

In response to the person that posted this, in this day in age it seems ridiculous to me that someone with a bluetooth enabled phone is still looking for a data cable instead of getting a bluetooth adapter and then there will never be a need for a data cable ever came with my w600, i use it to charge my phone when i'm at my computer, that's it. data cables get in the way and are annoying.

Sending it Back
by twosox Mar 21, 2006
I'm sending this one back. I'm sure some folks will like the phone and the 3G service, but having to buy a $25-40 cable to connect my PC just seems ridiculous these days.
Non-standard USB connection, requires yet ANOTHER cable in my bag. No can do -- this is the deal breaker for me.
No means to synchronize the contacts on my PC.