Motorola Razor V3xx OR LG CU400?

Question asked by tipsu21
which is a better phone, i wanna know what you think. which camera is better? but generally WHICH PHONE IS BETTER?

Answered by testike
Wow, I can't say that I have ever compeletly disagreed with someone on here. this is a first. I'm a sales rep for AT&T and not just for cell phones but for all the products. I have been doing it for over 6 years and I am one of the top sales people in the country. I gotta tell ya, I would take the Motorola Razor V3xx over the LG anyday. Granted LG is a wonderful brand and still a good phone, but it's just not a Razor. The V3xx has some excellent feats and good battery life and is also much lighter weight and slimmer. I personally feel the reception for either is the same, the volume on the Razor is a bit lower however. I think the LG 400 and 500 will phase out quickly, the razor is a time tested product, there are many verison, all unique in there own way. I personally don't have either of the phones, I have the Blackjack, but I need it for work. I am also not getting the Iphone, either it's going to be GREAT or there will be lots of bugs that need to be worked out. It's like a new car you don't buy the first year the model is new. You wait for the other consumers to have troubles and the company go back to the drawing board and create again.

Get the V3xx and SMILE! :) at least it works right! :)
If your in CT, give me a shout! :) I can hook ya up !

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