I just got a new LG Trax CU575 cell phone. Help with accessories?

Question asked by tipsu21
I need to get an USB cable, a memory card (4GB) and Bluetooth headphones so I can listen to MP3,s.

Are these very costly accessories for sale by AT&T proprietary or can I get these accessories at a place like Best Buy or Circuit City.


Answered by testike
Ok. I'll try to explain this to you pretty simple.

LG are basically the most crappy phone's out there for uploading pictures, and making ringtones and stuff. With most other kinds of phones, when you buy a phone, you'll just get your USB cord, but same with my LG 8500, I didn't get one. About a week or two I was looking around to get one for my phone so that I could use custom made ringtones. I talked to a guy at Best buy, and a guy at Future Shop, and they both said that LG doesn't usually allow big company stores to carry those things. I still haven't gotten mine, but you can get one from amazon or something for like $5 or $6, and it'll come with all of the installation drivers and other stuff.

My phone only came with the 1Gb SD card, and it's defiantly not enough. The Source or Circuit City has 1, 2, 4, and 8GB SD cards, and they're fairly cheap. The 1Gig card is about $29. 2Gig is about $39. 4Gig is about $59-$69, and the 8Gig is about $100-$120. Great investment though.

And on the Bluetooth headphones, they range between $40, and $300. Mine are worth $200, but I have the ability to talk on them aswell as listen to music. So you can either just buy the cheaper one's that will only play music, or you can get the good quality expensive ones, and have the ability to answer your phone with it too.

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