What is the restriction code for a AT&T LG G4011 cell phone?

Question asked by tipsu21
i have a cingular sim card and my real phone is a AT&T samsung blackjack but this LG G4011 im tryin to use is saying restricted. Does any1 know the code

Answered by testike
Well, it depends on what the phone means by 'Restriction Code'; if it's referring to the Unlock Code (which will allow any carriers' SIM to be used in it), you'll have to get that from AT&T, if it is in fact an AT&T branded device (old-style AT&T logo, with capital AT&T next to it, and probably the word 'Wireless'). If it's another carrier's device, you'll have to contact that other carrier.

If it's wanting a regular old security code, then, you're probably out of luck. Those, once forgotten, are usually lost, unless they're SIM-related (in which case, incorrect entries will result in a PUK Request, which goes back to ATT).

Until you narrow it down, don't put anything in, or you might mess yourself up one way or the other.

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