How can I tell if this LG G4015 is a Cingular phone?

Question asked by tipsu21
I recently submerged my Cingular Razor phone in water and some of the buttons don't work, such as the 7, 8 and 9 keys and the two keys at the very top of the keypad. Because some of the keys don't work, I can't text message and I can't dial any numbers that aren't stored in my address book. This is the 3rd Razor I've had and I'm trying to avoid calling customer service for yet another replacement phone.

I inserted my SIM card into an LG G4015 model phone and the screen read 'Phone restricted.' When I hit 'Cancel,' it asked for the 'Restriction Code.' Anyone know what the restriction code is? Also, how do I tell if this is even a Cingular phone?
The phone isn't a Cingular model.

I heard from a friend that used to work for Cingular that I should take the phone apart and put the cirtuit board in rubbing alcohol. Had I known this on Christmas right after I submerged the phone, I would have tried it but it's too late now.

Answered by testike
the reason it gives u that msg its because its a dicontinued phone from at&t before cingular boutght at&t so that phone is like 4 yrs old and att no longer is a standalone wireless company there is no way to get that phone to work by it self u cant call cingular and request a unlock code and to use it u need to unlock it good luck

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