limited service problem with ke800 lg. Please need help?

Question asked by tipsu21
i have bought aan unlocked cell phone from states which was restricted to telcel of mexico. i brought it to my country and have its iemi registered here. (every cell phone's imei that is brought from another country must be registered in my country in order to be used, for example i cant just buy a phone from u.k and use it here). My Gsm provider and internetiona communication center says that my phone's iemi has been registered and ready to use but i receive ''limited service'' message on the main screen and i cannot use my phone at all.
when i check my iemi it is not 0000000000 , it seems just as the iemi at the back of the phone but i dont know what is wrong?
Could you guys please help me and list the posible problems?


Answered by testike
Every GSM MoU's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbering system is a 15 digit unqiue code that is used to identify the GSM/DCS/PCS phone to a GSM/DCS/PCS network.

When a phone is switched on, this unique IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database of blacklisted or greylisted phones in the network's EIR (Equipment ID Register).

This EIR determines whether the phone can log onto the network to make and receive calls.

To display a phone's IMEI number:

Type *#06# on the keypad. This code works on most phones.

What effect does a listing of an IEMI number with an EIR have?

If the EIR and IMEI numbers match, the networks can do a number of things. They can for example greylist or blacklist a phone:

Greylisting will allow the phone to be used, but it can be tracked to see who has it (via the SIM info).

Blacklisting bars the phone from being used on any network where there is an EIR match.

IEMI Example:


490154 Type Approval Code (TAC)
The first two digits is the code for the country apporval.

10 - Final Assembly Code (FAC)

01,02 AEG
07 , 40 Motorola
10, 20 Nokia
30 Ericsson
40, 41, 44 Siemens
47 Option International
50 Bosch
51 Sony
51 Siemens
51 Ericsson
60 Alcatel
70 Sagem
75 Dancall
80 Philips
85 Panasonic

083781 - Phone Serial Number

0 - Additional Number

There is a program that you can download to "reflash" change the imei code on you LG phone send me your email and i will send it to you. But you have to have the dongle and the program but it canbe done.

You just need to get a imei from a similar LG phone and change the serial number sequence.

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