should i get a new battery for my LG KE820?

Question asked by tipsu21
i got my phone 3-4 months ago, and it was working perfectly fine. till the other day i texted my freind, put the phone in my bag left and came back to check my texts and the flash for the camera was going on and off and the screen went off and wouldn't turn on. so now i tried plugging it into comp/charger restarting, taking out batts, nothing it wont even make any noises nor turn on. my questions is, is my phone completely busted or is it the battery...meaning should i get a new battery?? please help!!!!!!
yes but my question is, should i get a new battery, or is it busted?

and also should i take it to the store or whatever and if so what store cause i got it as a gift

Answered by testike
it should not be dead. i have the same phone and it stays charged for a very long time. i have had mine for about 6 months and it still works just as good as the day i got it.

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