Service provider for the LG KE850 (The Prada Phone)?

Question asked by tipsu21
I've been looking into purchasing either an IPhone or the LG KE850, and am leaning more towards the LG.

But my only issue is that i have no idea who the service provider is! I've heard T-Mobile & Cingular from most, then Verizon from others.

Can anyone give me the true answer?!

What service provider is the LG KE850 under?

Thank You!

Answered by testike
Hi, I am a T-Mobile manager.
the KE850 Prada is not assigned to any carrier in the US. When I order for customers it is already unlocked meaning it will work with either Cingular/ATT or T-Mobile. Though it will NOT work with Verizon because they are CDMA. Cingular/ATT and Tmobile are GSM which use a sim card for service.

You can special order the KE850 at authorized T-Mobile Dealers, though some may not have it. Corporate T-Mobile stores will not carry nor will they special order it for you.
Hope this helps!

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