Pink Lg Shine KE970?

Question asked by tipsu21
I live in Oklahoma and I have called all the At&t stores around here and they do not carry the pink lg shine phone. They have the silver and red ones only. I can find the pink ones all over the computer, but I dont feel safe entering my credit card in on the computer. Plus I could send them 300 dollars and never recieve the phone or it may not work. So I was wondering If anyone knew where I could buy this phone, and If you can only buy them online what would be a good secure site to purchase one... Thank you!

Answered by testike
I looked on and all they have is red....

I wouldn't do ebay. I have had real bad luck with that! Can you call a corporate type number and order one?

I know with verizon (I have them) If I want a phone that a store doesnt have in stock, they would order it for me....

Good luck.

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