LG LX550 Bluetooth help?

Question asked by tipsu21
yeah i just recently purchased the LG LX550 from Sprint and the clerk sold me a Bluetooth headset H500 but my phone or anyother phone pick it up after i charged it. how does one pair the headset up with the phone?

Answered by testike
I think you could set this up through your phone's set-up utility. I checked the specs of your h500 headset from Motorola and it is capable of supporting blue tooth version 1.2 and is also backwards compatible with version 1.1. Ur LG phone supports Blue tooth version 1.1 so it shouldn't be a problem connecting. But as you've said you get everybody else's phone. Try resetting your unit 2 times a friend of mine recommended. Sounds crazy but might just work. Try to read through the manual and you might just get further info.

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