testike posted 119 months ago

I'm just here to quick tell you all that this phone may look a bit flimsy but it's totally not. I work at a Radio Shack and I've seen more stuff done to phones than the average person could imagine.
Small size is easy to store basically anywhere
Sliding feature is way cool and not as weak as you might think
BlueTooth system may not work as well as some people hope but with Firmware updates that may improve (Sprint) and it still does stuff like bluetooth headsets and such.
Picture quality is pretty good and though the screen isn't the most amazing in the world it's still pretty clear. (It's a phone not a camera anyway, if you really want great quality buy a camera)
Menu features are really easy to use
Auatomatic keyguard is handy for those of us who have a tendancy to hang up and stuff it in the pocket. (I'm always accidentally calling people)

Some people dislike the small buttons but you get used to it pretty quickly
The bluetooth isn't as mind blowing as people had hoped