how to unlock a LG U400 phone (preferably free)?

Question asked by tipsu21
i've got a LG U400 but its locked on '3'. i really would prefer to put my o2 sim card in it but i dont know how to unlock it. i've looked on the internet and it costs about £25, and i really cant afford that. can you please tell me if you know a cheap way of unlocking a LG U400

Answered by testike
A lot of time, at least in the US, if you've had the account long enough in good standing, you can just call the Carrier that locked the phone and they will give you the unlock code for free.
Answered by helenrai
Hi you can easily unlock your mobile through unlock code. If you need unlock code visit this site get the unlock code and unlock your LgU400 easily. After unlock your mobile you can use your 02 sim card and any other gsm sim card.

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