LG VX 9400 battery life?

Question asked by tipsu21
So I got the LG VX 9400 from Verizon a couple of weeks ago. This is the one with mobile TV. I love the phone but the only problem is is that the battery life is atrocious! By the end of the day, when I haven't even been using it much, the battery is dead. I set it off the charger for my alarm in the morning and 8 hours later, the battery is dead.

Is anyone else encountering this problem or is it just something wrong with my phone?

Answered by testike
hmm that's weird cuz i have the same phone.. and usually i use it for two days.. when i don't talk that much.. uhmm and i mean like.. two WHOLE day.. uhmm do you have service where you are at the most? see when i'm at my friends huose.. where there's no signal the battery dies out faster.. but at my house. i have signal so it dosen'et die as quick... plus if you charge it everyime one bar goes.. then that's the problem. you have to let ALL the juice out.. THEN charge it.. once it completly powers down... if you charge it whenever it causes the phone to remember to charge only that much.. make sense? so that could be why.. maybe if you take it to a local verizon wireless store they could fix it for you.. my brother messed up his choclate andthey fixed it for free... good luck ;]

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