testike posted 121 months ago

i just got this phone, and i am DEFINITELY more than happy with it. first of all, it was on sale for only FIFTY bucks at best buy, [at the verizon store, it was $200], the screen is beautiful, the camera is one of the best i've ever had on a cell phone, the swivel is very sturdy & doesn't feel like it's going to come apart, the display changes from vertical to horizontal very quickly & smoothly. there's NO lagging when swiveling up or down, my signal/reception is THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD [i live in orlando, fl] i get FULL service in places where ALL other phones i've had don't even get one bar, the battery life is great [i went the entire day texting like crazy, and by the end of the day, i had only lost ONE bar of battery], and texting is SOOOO smooth & easy on this phone [i can text faster on this than i can on a sidekick or the lg enV]

these are my ONLY cons [if you can even call them that]: the display theme can be changed from the usual verizon theme or it can be the lg theme. i personally think the lg theme is more appealing, but it seems to lag when scrolling through menus. but the fix to that is to just use the verizon theme instead. no big deal. the send & end buttons are in a bit of an awkward place, but after the first few hours of the first day i got the phone, i was totally used to it. and my only other "con" is i kinda wish there wasn't a dedicated tv button, because i personally will probably never use the tv. i wish you could set the tv button to be a shortcut to another feature [maybe you can and i just haven't figured out how yet] but it's still no big deal.

overall, this phone is DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY worth it. it's stylish, smooth, and sleek. i can't believe i only paid $50 for it. the swivel is VERY cool & eye-catching, it reminds me of the sidekick. i would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone thinking of getting it. you'll definitely be pleased and get your money's worth out of it!!