LG VX4500 how to unlock?

Question asked by tipsu21
This morning while receive a text message my 4500 went into locked mode. I'm not sure if I hit a button or if this is a malfunction. Problem is that I have no history on who owned the phone before me as it was purchased on ebay. I have removed the battery and the phone is still locked after replacing it. Is there a master reset of any sort, or anything I can do? This phone is worthless to me now... Verizon will not help me.

Answered by testike
This is a problem. If the person who owned it before you set a lock code the only way to get it unlocked is to either ask them for the code or have the phone re flashed. If you just accidentally hit something and the previous owner did not set the code it will be the manufacture default. try 0000 or 1234 and 1111. If none of these work contact the manufacture directly

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