My LG VX8100 got wet, most of it works, except the camera. and the flash stays on constantly.?

Question asked by tipsu21
From the time I put the battery in, until the time I take it out, the flash stays on. The phone operates normally except for the camera. So this leads me to believe that the camera got too much water in it. All that really matters to me is if I get this bloody light turned off!!! The phone works fine other than that, except sometimes the screens get delays. Meaning that when I open the phone, it'll take a second for it to show the screen, and when I close it it'll take a second for the "Verizon Wireless" Sign to go away, and the regular 'closed screen' thing to show up. Help please!! I've already taken all the pictures and video off of my phone, and All my numbers are backed up in my address book. So if I need to restart the phone or whatever that's fine.


Answered by testike
Hope you have insurance for it..because they wont replace it if it has water damage and if you do have insurance they go through Asrion and they charge you a 50 dollar deductible and the "new" phones they give you are refurbished...i hope i helped..good luck

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