Help with my verizon wireless LG VX8300?

Question asked by tipsu21
My phone got drenched in a severe thunderstorm two days ago. There are two stickers on my phone to indicate if it has gotten wet: one on the phone and one on the battery. The one on my battery immediately turned red, but the one on my phone is white with red/maroon-ish x's on it. I'm not sure if that indicates water damage or not. I'm thinking only my battery got damaged, because when I try to turn on my phone it goes to a verizon wireless screen and then goes black and dies. Does anyone know what this means? Can I just replace my battery? Please help!

Answered by testike
Take it to the verizon store and tell the tech support people what happened. Ask if you can try your phone with a different battery (that the store sometimes has behind the counter) before you buy a new battery or new phone in order to save money. If they have an open battery around, they will let you try it. If it works with a different battery, you can buy it at the store. And if not, then you have to get a new phone. Good luck!

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