I have a LG VX8300 and I want to know how to e-mail myself ringtones made from MP3 or WAV files?

Question asked by tipsu21
I heard you can edit an mp3 or wav file and select only the part of the song you want, then save it as a file and e-mail it to your phone and use it as a ring tone. Does anyone know how to do this? I have an editing program but I'm looking for perameters such as file size, file type, song length, bit rate and what to do once i figure out how to e-mail it to my phone. Thanks for any help you can offer

Answered by testike
mp3 files work as long as they are around or under 30 seconds for best quality.
email the file as an attachment to yourtendigitnumber@vzwpix.com
and it should arrive in a picture message on your phone.

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