Problems with lg VX9800 music?

Question asked by tipsu21
I recently bought the LG VX9800 phone and i've been trying to put music onto the Mini SD but i can't figure out how, a couple of people have told me that i need to format the Mini do i do that? And after that wht else do i need 2 do?

Answered by testike
Usally the phone will format it when you put it in if it doesnt take it our put it in the adapater and plug it into your pc ...right click choose format...load your mp3s from there also the VX9800 will only accept a 2 gig card or lessnow if your mp3 player is not turned on (Go to Tones and Tunes) and it doesnt say MY MP3S your player isnt turned need to take it to your retailer and have it turned on or follow this..Hit menu then hit 0 this will bring up the service code prompt enter 000000 go to #12 Music Settings change to MP3 & MOD. Press OK the OK then hit end and your MP3 player is turned on....

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