testike posted 119 months ago

Right to the point, this is a GREAT phone. There aren't enough characters here to describe all of the features this phone offers. Right to the point:

PROS (I'll mention a few...)

* Easy to use.
* Bluetooth capable.
* MP3 player.
* Internet capable.
* Plenty of memory.
* Flix (Video) can be used as wallpaper.
* Great reception.

There are only two CONS in my opinion:

* Size of the phone (Big deal!)
* Picture quality (Who cares?!)

I wasn't crazy about the size initially but considering everything this phone offers, it is considerably smaller than most PDA/Phone combos.

I know the RAZR and SLVR are the must have phones right now, mainly because of their size, however I would strongly suggest you take a look at this phone and what it offers before you make a purchase. You won't be disapppointed if you chose the VX-9800.