testike posted 120 months ago

I while back I damaged my 270c (Verizon Service, Richmond, VA) Bought a Motorola V60s
at the local Verizon store, A big disappointment, do to lost calls, poor battery life. Finally I found an 270c on Ebay
and now I don't loose call's, have one of the finest speaker phones on the market, battery will last all day, even with heavy use, can make calls where ever I am. Just a great phone, in the speaker phone mode, I can lay the phone on the desk and still carry on a conversation from across the room.
If You have a Timeport 270c ! keep it, You will not find a better phone!!
To bad Motorola could not continue building a phone that works as great as this one !!
I'm looking on Ebay for another 270c, just in case something should happen to this one !!