Hi my motorola A920 keeps dropping calls any suggestions?

Question asked by tipsu21
please anybody help me
ok 10x the signal yeah wents off but onl;y on this fone I have other fone and it works perfectly in the same area zone

Answered by testike
Dropped calls are usually caused by lost cell signal. Are you dropped even when the signal indicated on the phone is strong? If yes, you might need to have the phone checked out. Are you dropped when talking to the same people? If yes, it could be their fault and not yours. The only time I ever had a drop call was when talking to my wife when she was out of range of the cell or she forgot to charge her battery. I think phones today are very reliable and should not be automatically blamed for dropped calls. Some causes;
1. Distance from cell tower.
2. Obstructions between tower and phone.
3. Battery charge condition and charge level.
4. Phase of the moon. Ok, just kidding on that one.

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