how can i disconnect a cell number from a motorola sph-a920. someone gave me the phone, but it has a no.HELP!!

Question asked by tipsu21
this cell phone is hooked up with a number, I have a cell number thru sprint, but I want to use this phone that this person gave me, I need to have the number disconnected, sprint won't do it because i'm not the account holder, please help me, I really need this phone to use, my old cell phone doesn't work, and I need to call up north to my step mom who is really ill right now. PLEASE HELP, ANY PHONE EXPERTS OUT THERE!!!!! MUCH THANKS :-)

Answered by testike
Am I right that you tried to activate that phone to your account? And sprint told you it is still associated with another number?

There is no way you can activate the phone unless that phone is no longer active in a particular account (e.g. there's another phone activated on that number and it was not reported lost/stolen). If it is still active, you have to ask the person who gave it to you to work with Sprint by activating another phone on the account (if he/she was the account holder) or if it was reported lost or stolen to temporarily activate that phone he/she gave you as a recovered phone to unlock it and then later on activate another phone that he/she would use.

Another way to unlock it is by closing the account by the account holder himself and will have to pay all the outstanding balances including early term fee if applicable.

If he/she isn't the account holder, it's more likely that the phone was stolen or found.

That's the only way you can have that phone to work.

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