problem with mobile motorola e550?

Question asked by tipsu21
i have no visual at all on my mobile...sound is perfect...any ideas on what could be wrong with it and where i can go to get it fixed? thanx

Answered by testike
There's a good chance your display is shot and you're going to have to get a new phone. At this point a mobile more than a couple months old is not worth the cost of repairing UNLESS you paid for the warranty.

Are both the displays gone - inside and outside displays? If so, that's a better sign than just one cause it probably means there is a loose/bad wire somewhere. If only one is gone, it could still be that, but it could also be damage/deterioration to the display itself which is insane to repair.

If you don't have the insurance/warranty, then check with your carrier to see if you're eligible for a free/discounted phone yet, or if your contract is about to expire. If so, just get a new phone and sign a new contract. If not, see if you can find a replacement phone on ebay or if a family member or friend has an old one you can have connected to your number. Be careful when buying on ebay though - research first - you need to get one set up for your carrier and unlocked.

Or you can just ignore the no display problem and keep using it but that would make me nuts.

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