motorola e680 problem and about telnet?

Question asked by tipsu21
My motorloa e680 hang after i installed mac theme and to recovered it i must use telnet...But what is telnet?how to use it and where can i get it for free????
yes. i using window xp and my motorolla e680 is linux....but i still dont understand about telnet or terminal

Answered by testike
Telnet is an old way of connecting two computers together so that you can actually run commands on the other machine.

There are fancy programs you can download which are "telnet terminals". But there is a crummy one usually already loaded on most machines. To get specific it would help to know if you were using linux, mac, or windows. and which versions.

But just as a shot in the dark, since you didnt say then Im guessing windows, probably XP. So for me, I can do
Start -> run -> telnet 7777
and when Im done I can hit Ctrl-] to get out

of course you would need to change that to
telnet <your e680 address> <the port it wants you to come in on>

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