Which motorola cell phones will work with the sim card from an i265?

Question asked by tipsu21
I need a new phone but I want to keep my sim card and just transfer phones. I tried the i95cl but apparently that won't work. I don't really understand all of this. Thanks for your help.

Answered by testike
The sim from an i265 is too new for Nextel phones with a 2 digit model number( e.g. iXX). Nextel phones with a 3 digit model number( e.g. iXXX) should work with your sim card. Since Nextel is an iDEN carrier, only iDEN phones will work with it. You can use Boost Mobile and SouthernLINC phones as long as they are unlocked, but other than those, you are stuck with Nextel phones. GSM phones will not work on an iDEN network.

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