testike posted 120 months ago

If you are looking for a phone to have as a main for cheap get the i455. It's just as good as the others. This phone I only would recommended if you are really low on cash, need a phone to have on a sudden trip or just a night phone.

I've had this phone before and upgraded to the i855 :) Which I gave the i855 phone to a friend and now I'm using the 7520 Nextel Black Berry on boost mobile. I'll be getting the i415 again for night use since I like it enough the first time I had it.

Boost services might not have the best signals, but they don't screw you like Tmobile does. Biggest bill I've had with Boost going over $90 because they let you buy more minutes, tmobile $159 to $289. That's ****ing ridicules! That's almost 4 months worth with boost mobile paid in one month to TMobile. I'm sticking with Boost for now on.