Anyone used a hands-free headset with a Motorola i530 Nextel Phone without getting lots of electronic noise?

Question asked by tipsu21
Every time I try one with my i530 I hear the same noise in it that comes from speakers that are near my phone when it use - all the dirty RF emissions that make everything within 10 feet of my phone click and pop sounds right in my ear and whoever I try talking to on the other end hears the same thing. Anyone had any luck with that model phone and a handsfree? I do not want to change phones so answers suggesting a different phone won't help me. Answers saying I should use the built in speaker phone won't help me either. Anyone have any luck with a particular make and model of headset?

Answered by testike
Is your headset made for motorola nextel phones. They all take the same 2.5mm jack but the headsets for nextel phones have a small ring around the base of the jack. these are made for your phone. the mic on the headset can be broken and alll that noise will be heard by you and the person on the other end. If you do have the right headset, then your headset is either defective or your headset port can be loose and the noise could be from the poor connection. If this is the case you should go to the nearest sprint store that is a full service store. They can fix your phone or replace it with the same model. ($55 if you don't have ins). If its just your headset, plantronics makes a really good WIRED headset. Good Luck

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