Where to find cheap Ringtones for motorola i850 with nextel service?

Question asked by tipsu21
I am looking for a site that maybe has a yearly fee like $20 or something for ringtones and wallpapers for a motorola i850 with nextel service. Free is even better. I have found some free sites, but not for my phone and carrier.

Answered by testike
I worked for nextel and had my own ringtone business going for nextel phones. THE BEST SITE that lets you download the program and has step by step instructions to use it is harrythompson.com. He is very thorough and as long as you follow the directions exactly, you will be making your own ringtones in no time. You will need a USB or serial data cable (USB downloads faster, serial is better quality but is slow as hell, your choice) and you need to download the program and patch from the site. The program is called Webjal, and Harry also offers step by steps to create ringtones using music from your computer and the built in recording device on most windows software (go to start-> Accessories-> sound recorder) so that you can dock the songs anywhere you want. And best, it's free! I do suggest however, donating to harry, he's awesome and keeps the website updated so you don't have to worry about expired patches or software. Good Luck!

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