Are the Motorola i850 (Nextel) free in store or only online?

Question asked by tipsu21
can someone please help out because im going to tha sprint/nextel store tommorow and i see that the phone (Motorola i850) is offerd free on diffrent websites and i dont want to waste my time at tha store and if they arnt can some one tell me the best NEXTEL phones for cheap wit servive.

Answered by testike
Nextel doese offer Free phones, not all Nextel stores have the same sales and promotions, I would recommend going into your local store and finding out what they have to offer, I also recommend calling nextel and seeing what they have to offer except DEPENDING on where you live I DONT reommend the HYBRID phone, it doese not work in most areas. The I265 is currently free in our store with a 49.99 mail in rebate. This phone is your basic phone, for signing a contract you will get and instant 150 off any retail price of a phone. The plans range and I could not say what the best plan would be unless I knew what you were using your phone for ie. work, social, travel, emergencies only. this is why it is best to go to your local store, they will make sure your new phone meets your needs. HOpe this helped.

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