I have a motorola i850?

Question asked by tipsu21
Its a wonderful phone but i had it through Nextel service which is horrible. I paid to terminate my contract back in July. Today I charged my phone back up to look at my old pics I took on it and can not find them anywhere. I've looked in my media center where they usually are and looked everywhere possible on the phone without success of finding them.
Help me please. Where could my pics be? It is the same sims card that I have always had. Where else could they be?? The camera says it has some used memory.

Answered by testike
hello1 i also have a i850 and when i took out my sim card to put it in another phone all my media files were gone too, also when i took my phone in for service to nextell and they removed my sims that also took away all my media also when i broke my phone and they gave me another one my media files were gone then too so i believe it has something to do with how long your Sim card is out of your phone or when you put it into another one i think . i have been wanting to know that same answer but never asked i thought one of my kids had deleted them by mistake. hope this helps

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