im not recieving no service on my motorola i860 phone.?

Question asked by tipsu21
The bars dont go up period and the phone always says no service at any given time and any given place. Can anyone help me out? Please if you have any information on how to fix this let me know. 10 points PLEASE help me.
my phone is not getting any service and its not the service its the phone. Even if you have any EXPIRED sim card in te phone it will give you a signal whereever possible

Answered by testike
If you are in areas where you had service before but you are still there and now you have no service, I would wonder if something happened to your phone? Sometimes it is a changed setting, sometimes it's damage, sometimes the phone is just being stupid.

The first thing I do when I have a phone issue is turn it off, take the battery out, wait a couple minutes, reassemble, try again.

Otherwise sometimes there are areas where there are just no coverage.

I have an i850 and as an experiment took the sim card out to see what it would do. I didn't get any bars (normally great service here) but it never got past an insert sim card message. I'm guessing that if your phone can get to a point of saying 'no service' that it is reading your sim card okay.

Generally if you are in the United States (?) and have a Motorola phone with a model that starts with an 'i' you have Nextel service. If the other stuff didn't work here is contact information for them and the only other carriers in the US who uses the kind of network the i860 uses.

Sprint Nextel - - (800)639-6111
(Don't worry that it says Sprint, they merged a year ago.)

Southern LINC - - (800)818-LINC (5462) (Don't know anything about these guys.)

Boost Mobile - - (888)BOOST4U (Boost is basically pre-paid Nextel.)

Good luck, I hope everything gets working again.

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