just bought a used Nextel Motorola i90c cell phone and it says PIN Blockes Call Your Provider.?

Question asked by tipsu21
It will not let me into the phone book or settings panel, how can I get around this?
We don't have Nextel yet.

Answered by testike
PIN Block call you provider means that the previous owner had a code to enter to be able to use the phone. You have 2 choices.

1- call the previous owner and get the PIN or

2- call nextel, you will need the sim id from the phone. seeing how it's PIN blocked, you'll have to remove the battery, look under the battery and against the phone for a really long series of numbers and letters ending with an "f" and give that number to the nextel care rep. You might also want to take note of the serial number, they may need that too. that number starts with a 919.

P. S. Nextel doesn't guarantee service on a unit purchased from eBay, just so you know... it may be a stolen phone, at which point, it's in the negative file with nextel... that means you need to produce a receipt and fax it to a certain team with nextel to show that your purchase is legitimate....once that team receives the fax, they remove it from the negative file so that it can be used with your number.

Best of luck to you.

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