What software do I need for a motorola ic502 so I can have it connected to my pc so I can add tunes and games?

Question asked by tipsu21
I need to get information off my other phone and put it on my ic502. Does anyone know what kind of software I will need so I can do this? I also want to be able to upload tones, games and applications. Thanks for your help.
There were no disk or anything that came with it. I got it new and I only got a book with it. So I am really lost or just plain stupid when it comes to this. Thanks for your help.

Answered by testike
Yes Through USB DATACABLE & SOFTWARE CD YOU GOT WITH CELL PHONE(install in on computer first)

This data transfer cable allows users to download and backup phone lists, ringtones and schedules to and from a computer. USB cable doubles as a charger from any PC to charge your phone. Software not included.

* This USB A to USB mini, 5-pin cable is a must for PC computer users.
* Connect your computer to a digital camera, MP3 Player or any other USB device that requires a mini 5-pin USB connection.
* Software is not included - Cable ONLY
* The perfect 5-Pin Mini USB cable solution for mobile users on the go!
* 1 USB type A to 1 USB type 5-pin mini usb connector.
* Transfer rate up to 4 Mbps
* Connect your cell phone with your PC/Lab top by the USB port.

hope this helps

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