Dear Friends, Nokia "6080" or Motorola "L6i" which is best?

Question asked by tipsu21
I'm Blue Heart (My nickname) from Chennai...

I planed to buy mobile below Rs.5000/-, hence advice me which is the best one between the above 2 .
Battery backup & FM clearity shout be fine. If any other model is the let me know.

Makers Preference: NOKIA (or) Moto. (or) SONY Erric

Advance thanks to you all..
"for your valuable suggection "

Have Wonderful days

Answered by testike
hi friend this is vijay,if u want to take nok 6030 the battery back up is good but fm is poor are other whise if u taken mot l6 fm quality is good but there is no battery back up,my suggection is to take sony ericasson w200i .

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