Motorola L6i Battery problem plz tell me!!!!!!?

Question asked by tipsu21
I recently bought a second hand moto l6i , the problem is that when i charged the battery , it took 2 hours then it showed charging is completed, but when i unplug and replug the charger it was showin charging again. I put the phone turn on in standby, it took exactly 12 hours to its charge to be finished,
i believe its too low for the battery to work for only 12 hours in standby, im planning to buy a new battery, plz tell me how long does it take for a good battery to get charged, and to finish its charge in standby or anyway.
Can this leakage have any other reasons than old battery and nature of the phone?????

Answered by testike
It usually takes 5 hours for a new battery to get charged, and the standby time depends on the battery itself. But it is strongly recommended to charge it twice once you buy a new battery. Use it till it absolutely runs out of charge and then charge it again which shouldnt take more than one or two hours AT MAX!

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