How can I download Java games to a Motorola SLVR L7?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have a Motorola SLVR L7 and I just put in a 1Gb Micro SD Card; now, I want to replace the trial version Java games inside and get some full version games in, along with some skins.

I have the Moto Phone Tools software and data transfer cable, so I can make my own ringtones and wallpapers, but I want to crank it up a notch with some custom skins, some games and so forth.

Has anyone already done this? I need some help. Thanks.

Answered by testike
You need three following programs:
1. UID Extraction Tool 2.0(Google it to find it); installs slvr drivers on your PC
2. Skiman (find it in; this program uploads skins on your phone
3. MotoMidMan (find it in; this program uploads java apps on your phone
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