motorola -- moto slvr l9?

Question asked by tipsu21
can someone plz tell me about the features price & battery backup of the motorola moto slvr l9. is this the one having wireless headphone

Answered by testike
i dont know.. u from india? then slvr l9 is for Rs9,200 , if u taking the pack wid wireless bluetooth headfone its around 11,500. its called the snoop, wireless headfone. l9 would cost more if u were to buy the snoop seperately. this all comes as a package other than just l9.
features are quite good, with sharemarket readings, to mp3 player.. to video rec and radio , bluetooth, 2 mp cam, battery talk time.. around 4 hrs and stand by around 300-350 hrs.
and its sturdier than nokia( that was my priority ) and showed. doesnt crack. it looks sleek too.

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