How do I get my Motorola Q to access the memory disk?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have not been able to take pictures, record music, or just about anything to my memory card. The pictures are great, but it keeps telling me that I am running out of memory and I don't know how to file them there since that is not listed as an option.

I put a brand new 1 gig scan disk mini in and it showed that it was there. I could access it, but not save pictures to it from the computer or the built in camera. I also can only download about 15 songs so I think they are not going to the 1 gig disk either. Anyone know how to do this? The quick tour didn't help...

I also don't have anything else that is blue tooth compatible yet. Any ideas on how to use it?

Answered by testike
Open the camera software program, under the options you will be able to tell it where you want the images/video stored. Change it from main memory to Mini SD Card. Go run out and get a simple USB Bluetooth dongle, make sure on the back it says WIDCOM software. I would also just say to go get a logitech bluetooth keyboard since it has lots of extra goddies you can use for your phone and computer... Good luck


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