How do I install Ringtones on my Motorola Q ?

Question asked by tipsu21
I have the Motorola Q. I have an MP3 that I want to use as a ringtone. I have a ringtone converter software, so i can convert to almost any format... What is the procedure to put an MP3 into my Motorola Q and use it as my ringtone ? Thanks!

Answered by testike
*Connect your phone to your PC
*In ActiveSync on your PC, click Explore, a window Mobile Device will appear
*Explore your PC, find the mp3 file and right click the mouse to copy
*On the "Mobile Device" window, double "My Windows Mobile-Based Device
*Put the cursor on "Mobile Device" at left panal, then right click mouse to paste
*Click the Green Sync button on ActiveSync
***On your phone, press start, then go to File Manager
***Scroll down to highlight the Ringtone, click Menu
***Click File
***Click Copy to
***Click Application Data
***scroll down to highlight Sound
***Click Done
Now you may go to Setting to set the ring tone.

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