How do you get the add-on data plan for Verizon and the Motorola Q?

Question asked by tipsu21
im on the family share plan, but just ordered the motorla Q as a phone upgrade. i want to add the data plan stuff so i can get online and email and what not....anyone know how to do this? is this even possible?

Answered by testike
When you contact Verizon to activate your phone they should ask you if you want to add the data plan to your account. They have two tiers, one limits the amount of kbs you can use each month and the other is unlimited. I am not sure what the cost of the limited plan is but the unlimited cost me $44.99 month. The nice thing is that if you have a laptop, you can plug your Q into your laptop with the data USB cable and use the Q as a direct connect modem to Verizons braodband network. Keep in mind the broadband network is not available everywhere so check thier website for availabilty. You will love your Q and good luck. Hope this helps.

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